Ok so I know you were hoping I would disclose my carefully guarded secret waterfalls, but that would just ruin the fun of the hunt for you! Chilliwack has literally hundreds of waterfalls and many can be safely reached with a little bit of effort. So here is how to find your own secret waterfall:


-Look for a mountainside that has a waterfall you already know about (Let's say Bridal Veil Falls). -Imagine that every ravine coming down from that mountain side, at that steepness will have water of some sort flowing, creating a waterfall. Drive (with someone else so you can just look) and pick out the deepest ravines, or the ones that you can see water flowing down the mountain side. -Go home and research on Google earth to see if you can find a picture that shows a waterfall. Although often on google earth it just looks like a steep black spot depending which direction it is facing. Scout the best route. -Get prepared, sturdy boots, a gps, food, gloves, bushwhack friendly clothes. -Tell someone where you are going and exactly what path you will take. -Keep it in your head to never climb down or up the sides of a waterfall. This leads to death. If you get close and realize it is just too dangerous to move on, just take a picture and move on to finding a new waterfall. It is not worth your life.-Explore. Find new falls. Drink of the fresh water and revel in your finds!


Here are a few of our favourite places to go waterfall hunting:

-Chilliwack Lake by car: drive along the FSR at the far end and explore waterfalls coming down to the road.


-Chilliwack Lake by car: Take a canoe or kayak on the west side of the lake. You will find more waterfalls to explore than you can count!


-Tamihi FSR: There are at least two large falls I know of along this road


-Harrison East and West FSRs: Some of these waterfalls even are marked and named, some require a keen eye to find.


-The Eastern Hillsides of Chillwack all the way to Hope: Every second bump in the land provides a new waterway to explore! Be careful not to trespass on private property. Many waterfalls can be found walking on crown land (traditional territory).

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