If you haven’t tried out this climbers trail and you love scrambling and boulder fields, you have to check out this area. Just past the popular Mt. Slesse Memorial trail is the lesser known area of Rexford. The trail is steep and dangerous so wear sturdy boots and bring a helmet. The trail leads straight up through an old clear cut, over a stream and up to a large boulder field and playground of a climbing area. If you are just wanting a day hike, head right once you reach the boulder field and make your way to Bivvy Rock. You will be greeted with generous views of Mt. Slesse and all of the mountains around.  If you are looking for rock climbing, you have probably already been up here and could write this trail report for me!


Distance: Does it really have a distance? The trail was built by climbers running up the steep mountain side in a race to get to the rocks above. It is about 6km return but don’t let the short distance fool you. Save time to make this a day hike.


Elevation Gain: Some sites report around 1000m elevation gain in the short 3km up.


Difficulty: Difficult and dangerous. The rock field has surely claimed many broken ankles, and falling rocks are possible in many areas. It’s pure fun if you like a challenge. Please bring a helmet!


Directions: Follow Chilliwack Lake Rd to the turn off for Mt. Slesse trail (turn right just after Riverside campground). Stay right after the road splits. From here it requires a bit of awareness. The 4x4 recommended road splits many times to different logging areas. Stay on the main road. Depending on the year this road can have washouts and land slides. Drive as far as you can, park off to the side. The Rexford trail head is about 7km from Chilliwack Lake Rd. Walk along the FSR until you reach the sign for Rexford. It is about 2km after the Slesse Trail head. 

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