Paddling Flooded Forests


The EXPLORING OPPORTUNITIES around our valley are endless! Even after you have visited all of the popular spots, there are vast wild areas that give you the freedom to explore as creatively as you desire. Now, with the river waters rising during flood season, our favourite river channels are flooded and no longer safe to paddle. So last night, we pushed inland, where we discovered a flooded parkland, with horse trails that became paddling-ways and thousands of frogs croaking in the evening sun. 

DIRECTIONS: Head North in Chilliwack towards the Fraser River. At the end of Cartmell Rd you will find the now flooded area of Island 22. Drive along the dyke and park in the last parking lot on your left. You will notice the start of the pond. You can follow the water paths in any direction as they connect at the far end of the park, making a fun loop. We found the water to vary in depth from 3 feet to 6 inches, so it is more ideal for kayaking, and a safe spot to teach your young ones to paddle! If you do want to canoe, there is just a small portion on the left you will have to portage. There is a very short time this sunken forest will be fun to paddle. At this time there were still no mosquitoes but that probably won't last long. Bring bug spray! The water is full of life with frogs, snakes, and bugs so the kids will have a blast!


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