I’ve always had extremely sensitive skin. Even hypoallergenic products have at times left my skin burning and red. After years of trying different products I finally resorted to a simple wash with water and facecloth then I moisture with a simple oil. And let’s be honest, as a busy mom, that’s pretty much all we can find time for most days! 


Then this year hitStress, hormone changes and unhealthy eating led to massive changes in my skin. After only 12 months I felt like I had aged a decade.  For the first time since those awkward teenage years, I wanted to hide my face and not even makeup was helping. 


When Di Morelli approached me to try their new Vitamin C Serum, I was nervous. What if the damage I had done to my skin with improper care was beyond repair? Their friendly staff explained that a daily application of topical Vitamin C could reduce all the types of visible signs of aging I was experiencing. It was worth the try! 

Their product was simple to fit into my morning routine. A quick face wash and then an application of their gel serum left my face feeling moisturized and fresh. To my surprise, I not only had no allergic reaction to the product but every day I noticed the red patches on my skin returning to a normal tone and within weeks my skin had taken on a healthy glow! Scars left from awful hormone changes faded by week 3 and even the fine lines, and (let’s be honest), deep grooves have already started to smooth out! Every day, the Vitamin C Serum leaves my skin feeling soft and balanced with no more oily residue or dryness. (This product is an oil-free treatment that can be used on a daily basis for improving the overall health of your skin by stimulating collagen and elastin production and repairing environmental damage!) I can’t wait to see what happens long term using their products!

One thing that’s really important to me on here is giving an honest review of the products I use, regardless of how I became connected to the company. I’m happy to say I absolutely love Di Morelli’s Vitamin C Serum and would recommend their products to anyone out there struggling to feel healthy with the skin changes life has brought down.

Everyone deserves to feel beautiful in their own skin. Healthy is the new beautiful.

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