3 months ago when our Oru BEACH Kayak’s arrived in the mail, the whole family gathered around to examin the large boxes. It was a bit of magic pulling out the back pack and imagining that inside, folded perfectly, was a boat that would actually hold a person! 

 The setup was fairly straight forward. Our first time it took 20 minutes to figure out all the buckles and pieces, definitely watch the instructional video online. I was happy to find though that by the second time we tried to unfold the kayak it only took 4 minutes and with 2 people it takes even less time.

Setting up the BEACH was only the first step. We had to try the kayak out on the water. Our first trip was to the beautiful Jones Lake near Hope, BC. The air was breezy and it was a little nerve wracking trying the ultra light boat with a bit of waves. Oru pulled through and the Beach is amazing. It is stable, lightweight, tracks well (you can easily kayak several kilometers across a lake at a leisurely pace) and very durable! The open cockpit is really nice for those warm summer days. You can paddle out in the middle of the lake and it is so comfortable that you can lay back and lounge. You can fit a dog or an extra child in the kayak too! Next I had to try out hiking with my Oru’s, I wanted to really test out the backpack so I took it on a steep, narrow trail. The backpack was comfortable, considering the 30lbs it is carrying. We took a few more breaks than usual and brought an extra person to trade off with if necessary. The paddles easily fit into the backpack and the life jacket conviniently straps on as well. We got to the lake in good time and could not believe how good it felt to kayak a lake that most people only get to view from the shore. 

Side note: If you are looking for a kayak for longer excursions or ocean use check out Bay Series and Coast Series. The Beach model stays true to it’s name and is perfect for a leisurely paddle at the beach and smaller lakes. 

Bonus: Be sure to order a set of solar lanterns with your Oru kayak! They are lightweight for packing and make for really fun night kayaking. They are also great for tent camping and dark nights at the cabin!

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